Enjoy with limitless possibilites in our VPS servers

space 20 GB SSD
cpu 2.6GHz CPU
ram 2 GB
bandwidth 2 TBDedicated IP
price $7.99/mo
space 40 GB SSD
cpu 2.4Ghz CPU
ram 4 GB
bandwidth 4 TBDedicated IP
price $9.99/mo
space 80 GB SSD
cpu 2 x 2.4GHz CPU
ram 8 GB
bandwidth 8 TBDedicated IP
price $13.99/mo
High Performance Compute Instances Activate in seconds. Online 24x7server features
Best support 24x7

Our Team is always ready to support with issues.

Weekly Backup

Free Weekly Backups on all VPS. Besides you can upgrade to paid backups starting from 2$.

Dedicated IP

You get dedicated IP address for free on all of our VPS Plans.

Multiple OS Options

You have options to choose between multiple operatingsystems. You can change your OS any time.

Root administrator access

Get complete root access to the server. No limitations at all.

Instant Upgrade

Upgrade you plan anytime. No server reboot or OS reinstallation required!